Frequently asked questions.

Gel Ball Guns:

What are they?

Gel Ball Guns are toys they fire water soaked gel balls.

Gel balls are very tiny and you must soak them in water for 3 or 4 hours until they grow to the correct size.

The gel balls are also biodegradable, and are often used by gardeners and florists to hydrate their plants.

Are they safe?
With any blaster that shoots anything, be it water, paint, gel balls, or foam darts, you will always be required to wear eye protection when playing with them. However, in terms of whether or not they will hurt, yes and no. If you’re butt naked and you get hit by our blasters, yes it might sting a little, but it will only last for a little while. If you were wearing clothes, it will feel like you’re getting flicked. If you’re wearing full gear, you’ll feel it bounce or explode off you, but it will not leave any marks and will not hurt at all.

Are they legal?
Yes they are legal as they are toy guns. For law about gel ball blaster guns in Australia please click Gel Ball Blaster Import Treatment – Australia . For buyers of gel ball blasters outside of Australia please check your state laws before purchasing item.


Do you have Australian Stock?

Nature of Business and Advertised Products
GenieDownUnder.com proudly source quality products locally and globally. Products bought via this website or GenieDownUnder.com distribution channels will be ship by the actual product’s manufacturers or distributor to the buyer.
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  How long does shipping take?
Generally, shipping takes 2-3 weeks, but we are finding most customers receive their package between 1-2 weeks.
During Christmas and Public Holidays often slows down delivery time or if you live out in the country it may take extra time it depends on your local courier service.


How can I track my package?
All items sold from our store come with a tracking number or alternatively on the Australia Post website.



What if my Gel gun or other items purchased from our store have issues?

Please contact us.


Gel gun jams.. Lube gun with watered down dish washing liquid

How do you store Gel Balls?
Gel balls generally take 3-4 hours to fully hydrate. When storing them, generally what people like to do is store them in the fridge to keep their size. Heat, or more specifically dry heat, will make them shrink. That’s why you never leave them in direct sunlight.